Incredible Options
For the Entire Family!

Big Daddy's invites you to relax and enjoy your evening with this menu of 57 items. When the house is full, all of its 500 guests may wish some of all 57 items. You can imagine the time this requires on behalf of the kitchen staff. Please order by number as our kitchen is trained and setup for filling orders by numbers. We ask for your understanding as to time required to prepare your food as all our food is cooked to order.

We appreciate your business and we truly hope you will enjoy your dining experience this evening!


Oyster Rockefeller $14.45
Hot Crab Dip $13.95
Fried Lobster Tails Served with Butter Market Price
Crab Cake (Grilled) $14.95
Mini Crab Cakes (Fried) $14.95
Cheese & Crackers (per scoop) $7.45
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks $8.95

Onion Rings $8.95
New England Clam Chowder Cup $4.95 Bowl $8.95
Lobster Bisque Cup $4.95 Bowl $8.95
Oyster Stew Small $7.95 Large $14.95
Shrimp Cocktail $10.45
Butterfly Shrimp (Buffalo, Bang Bang, or Plain) $12.95
Fried Oysters (Buffalo or Plain) $16.95
Coconut Battered Shrimp $12.95
Sauteed Mushrooms $8.45
Flounder Chunks (Plain or Salt and Pepper) $16.95

Famous Salad Bar

Here's a chance to build your own salad. All you want is $12.95. One Trip $7.95. A trip to the salad bar or a cup of soup is included with all our steak and broiled dinners. A trip to the salad bar with all other meals is $5.45 extra.

Side Orders

Baked Potato (Loaded extra $1.50) $4.95 French Fries $4.95 Corn on the Cob (2) $4.95

Wild Rice $4.95 Steamed Vegetables $4.95 N.C. Sweet Potato $4.95

Oyster Bar

All Items Are Market Price

Dozen Oysters (Raw Or Steamed)
1/2 Dozen Oysters
1 LB Jumbo Steamed Shrimp (Peel Your Own)
1/2 LB Jumbo Steamed Shrimp

Live Whole Lobster 1.25 LB or 2-3 LB
1 LB King Crab
2 LB Snow Crab Clusters

(Sharing Oyster or Shrimp Order $1.95 Extra Tray)

Combo and Seafood Platters

No. 1 Lil' Daddy SeafoodFish, Shrimp, Oysters, and Clam Strips $25.95
No. 2 Big Daddy SeafoodFish, Shrimp, Oysters, Clam Strips, and Deviled Crab $26.95
No. 3 Super Daddy SeafoodFish, Shrimp, Oysters, Scallops, Deviled Crab, Coconut Shrimp,and Clam Strips $27.95

Any Two Combination (Fried) $26.95
Any Three Combination (Fried) $27.95

"All Fillet Fish May Have A Few Bones" (Butterfly Shrimp or Scallops on Combination Platters as a choice $2.25 extra)
Choose from: Flounder Fillet, Catfish, Shrimp, Oysters, Deviled Crab, or Clamstrips
(Whole Flounder as a choice $3.00 extra)


No. 4 Fried Shrimp 1/2 LB $20.95
No. 5 Fried Butterfly Shrimp, Full Order (Buffalo or Bang Bang $1.00 Extra) $22.95
Butterfly Shrimp, Half Order (Buffalo or Bang Bang $0.50 Extra) $16.45
No. 6 Fried Coconut Shrimp, Full Order $21.95
No. 6 Coconut Shrimp, Half Order $16.45

No. 7 Aunt Ann's Shrimp & Grits $20.95
No. 8 Steamed Shrimp, Peeled, Hot or Cold $21.95
No. 9 Shrimp Panned in Butter Sauce $22.95
No. 10 Big Daddy's Own Recipe, Sauteed in Wine-Garlic Sauce $23.95

Oysters, Fish, Clams, Sea Scallops, Crab

No. 11 Fried Oyster Platter $27.95
No. 12 Catfish (Plain or Salt & Pepper) Whole or Fillet $21.95
No. 13 Fillet of Flounder $22.95
No. 14 Flounder Chunks (Salt & Pepper) $23.45
No. 15 Whole Flounder (When Available) $22.95
No. 16 Big Daddy Clam Strips $18.95

No. 17 Fried Scallops Market
No. 18 Scallops Panned in Butter Sauce Market
No. 19 Crab Cakes (2) Fried or Grilled $29.95
No. 20 Deviled Crab (4) $18.95
No. 21 Fried Soft Shell Crabs $29.95

Senior Citizen & Children's Orders

No. 22 Seafood PlatterShrimp, Oysters, Fish (Broiled or Grilled $1.00 Extra) $15.95
No. 23 Choice of One or TwoFish, Shrimp, Oyster, Deviled Crab, and Clam Strips $15.95
No. 24 Fried Scallops(Broiled or Grilled $1.00 Extra) Market

No. 25 Steamed Shrimp (Peeled) Hot or Cold $15.95
No. 26 Shrimp, Panned in Butter Sauce $15.95


No. 27 Seafood AlfredoSautéed Shrimp, Scallops or both$28.95
No. 28 Chicken AlfredoGrilled Chicken in our Alfredo Sauce and served over Fettucine $26.95

No. 29 Fried Lobster Tails Market Price

Grilled & Broiled Seafood

No. 30 Grilled Catch of The Day Market Price
No. 31 Lobster Tails (2) 8oz. each Market Price
No. 32 Lobster Tail (1) 8oz. each Market Price
No. 33 Grilled Salmon Market Price
No. 34 Broiled Fish, Oysters, and ShrimpChoice of one or combination of two
(Butterfly Shrimp $2.25 Extra, or Scallops $2.95 Extra)

No. 35 All Broiled SeafoodFlounder, Shrimp, Oysters, and Scallops
No. 36 Wild Jumbo Sea Scallops or Butterfly ShrimpChoice of one or combination of both
(Blackened, Lemon Peppered or Grilled)
No. 37 Grilled Flounder, Catfish Fillet, or ShrimpChoice of one or combination of two
(Butterfly Shrimp $2.25 Extra; Scallops $2.95 Extra

Prime Rib and Steaks From Our Broiler

No. 38 Snow Crab and Steak1 LB Snow Crab with Steak or Prime Rib
6oz. Filet Mignon $3.00 Extra
Market Price
No. 39 Lob-SteakOne 8oz. Lobster Tail with Steak or Prime Rib
6oz. Filet Mignon $3.00 Extra
Market Price
No. 40 Teriyaki Chicken (3 Breasts) $27.95
No. 41 Teriyaki Chicken and Steak One Breast with Steak or Prime Rib
6oz. Filet Mignon $3.00 ExtraMarket Price
No. 42 New York Strip 12oz. Market Price
No. 43 Bull of Woods 16oz. Rib Eye(Rare, Med-Rare, Medium Only)
Market Price
No. 44 Rib Eye 12oz. Market Price

No. 45 Rib Eye 8oz. Market Price
No. 46 Prime Rib or Steak and Shrimp6oz. Filet Mignon $3.00 Extra;
or Scallops $2.95 Extra
Market Price
No. 47 Prime Rib of Beef, 11oz. Market Price
No. 48 Prime Rib of Beef, 7oz. Market Price
No. 49 Filet Mignon 8oz. Market Price
No. 50 Filet Mignon 6oz. Market Price
No. 51 Chopped Sirloin Market Price
No. 52 Baby Back Ribs Market Price
No. 53 Beef Tips or ChickenGrilled with Peppers and Onions
Market Price

Rib Eyes and Prime Rib Each Addtional Ounce $2.45
Sauteed mushrooms with any steak $2.45
Grilled peppers and onions with any steak $2.45


No. 54 Fish $14.95
No. 55 Cheeseburger $11.95

No. 56 Hamburger $11.45
No. 57 Chicken Fillet or TendersGrilled or Fried $11.95


Cheesecake(Ask your server for today's flavors, provided by Queen City Pastry of Mooresville, NC) $9.95
Key Lime Pie(Made in house) $7.45

5 Layer Chocolate Cake(Serves 2, provided by Queen City Pastry of Mooresville, NC) $14.45

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